Thursday, May 6, 2010

99 Cents

So now I have 17 readers... or at least readers who checked out sample pages of SEEK WHEN ALONE. But no actual sales yet. So I just lowered the price to 99 cents, hoping it'll encourage people to actually buy it. :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

14 readers can't be wrong?

Okay, so SEEK WHEN ALONE has been up for a few days now--and so far about 14 people have checked out the sample pages via Smashwords (where 50% of the manuscript is free) but no one's actually bought a copy yet.... So maybe $1.99 is too high a price for a brand new author, or maybe 50% is too large for a free sample (given that the novel is almost 400 pages long in print form). Or I guess it's possible that readers aren't enjoying the book enough to want to read more--which is kind of depressing! Anyway, guess I have to figure out a way to spread the word somehow. Having only 14 (non-paying) readers is probably pretty dismal, but again, I remain optimistic! As an obsessed Stephen King and Dean Koontz fan, I'm pretty sure I've written a good horror/thriller--but I'll only know for sure if people buy it and review it. As always, I'm taking suggestions about how to promote the book...