Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Smashwords, Kindle, and J.A. Konrath

Ok, so my thriller SEEK WHEN ALONE has been posted for roughly 24 hours on Smashwords, and it's already had 6 people check out sample pages. No actual sales yet, but I figure it's good that at least a few people are reading it already. And I haven't done any actual promotion yet. Surely things can only go upwards from here :)

I also wanted to add that in writing my book, getting it ready for publication, and posting it via Smashwords and at Amazon, I found J.A. Konrath's blog about publishing INCREDIBLY helpful. It really is a vital resource that he's got going over there. So check it out if you're curious about the writing and publication process.

Here's the Amazon page for the book, and here's a plot synopsis:

A brash young lawyer and his troubled sister attend an old friend's wedding at an isolated mansion in the Pacific Northwest. The mansion is crumbling, the bride's family is creepy, and the lawyer begins to suspect that his friend might be under the influence of supernatural forces. The lawyer and the other guests soon find themselves imprisoned in the decaying mansion, and they must use their wits to battle their mysterious assailants, protect each other, and escape with their lives and their sanity. Recommended for readers who like Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Anne Rice, Clive Barker, John Grisham, and Dan Simmons.